Welcome to the official website of the 9th International RSA Meeting. The Canadian RSA Network proudly hosts this conference, dedicated to advancing Radiostereometric Analysis (RSA).

Important Dates

1 November 2024Call for Abstracts Opens
15 January 2025 (23:59 PST)Abstract Submission Deadline
14 February 2025Acceptance Notices
11 April 2025 (23:59 PST)Early Bird Registration Deadline
9 June 2025 (16:00 PST)Social Reception
10 June 2025 (8:00 PST)Conference Day 1
10 June 2025 (19:00 PST)Conference Banquet
11 June 2025 (9:00 PST)Conference Day 2
12-14 June 2025Canadian Orthopaedic Association Meeting

About Vancouver

Nestled between the mountains and the sea, Vancouver offers a breathtaking backdrop for scholarly pursuits. Discover a vibrant cityscape with a perfect blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty. Explore diverse cultural experiences, outdoor adventures, and world-class dining while attending the conference.

What is RSA?

Radiostereometric Analysis (RSA) remains at the forefront of measuring skeletal and implant movements with exceptional precision in vivo. Developed in the early 1970s by Göran Selvik, this method involves inserting tantalum markers into bone during surgery, allowing for accurate three-dimensional measurements through simultaneous radiographs and specialized calibration.

Over the years, RSA has evolved significantly with digital radiographs, advanced software, and computed tomography (CT) enabling quicker analysis and a broad user base. Its applications span implant fixation and wear tracking, bone growth measurement, fracture healing assessment, osteotomy stability evaluation, tendon healing, and dynamic movement studies.

Join us at the 2025 Vancouver RSA Meeting to delve into the latest advancements and applications in RSA methodology.